Do you really want to be cleaning your home on the weekends when you could be doing something more glamorous? Exactly! So put down the toilet bowl brush, rush to the phone, and call us today to do the work for you and you'll feel the difference. It’s so easy that we even offer a simple flat pricing guide based on the size of your home and the amount of bedrooms. That’s because we believe in one type of Klean and that’s getting your home Freakin Klean with no surprises. So here are our detailed cleaning prices along with other services we offer:


Please note that the hours listed below are the maximum hours allowed for a simple clean for ONE cleaner. If your home is larger then normal please call or fill out a form to get a quote. Deep Cleans have no time limit.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       *All prices are subject to NY state tax: 8.875%





                                  SIMPLE KLEAN PACKAGE


                                                      A SIMPLER APPROACH

                                                                  Hours listed below are the estimated MAX time allowed for


                             SIMPLE KLEANS . If your cleaning takes longer you might be subject to price adjustment



         Studio $119                            1 Bedroom $119             2 Bedrooms $139              3 Bedrooms $159               4 Bedrooms $179                                   Approx. 450 sq. ft.                         Approx. 650 sq. ft                 Approx. 800 sq. ft.                    Approx. 1000 sq. ft.                  Approx. 1200 sq. f                                                     up to 2hrs                    up to 2.5hrs            up to 3hrs                   up to 3.5hrs                up to 5hrs

                                       DEEP KLEAN PACKAGE

                               A DEEPER LEVEL    

                                                Just add an extra + $50 to the prices above                                           KF CUSTOM KLEAN   

Everyone has different cleaning needs to fit their lifestyle. This cleaning gives the KF member free will to design there own checklist for the Cleaning Specialist to complete and check off when done.                                                                                                                                                    $50.00HR   (2hr min)      



Homes that have not been Deep Cleaned for over a month please add an extra $50. These homes take much more scrubbing and longer to clean then normal. If you purchase the Deep Klean Plus for $85 we will include the fridge and oven giving you an instant savings of $20.


*Deep Klean add $50 DOES NOT inside oven/fridge

*Deep Klean Plus add $85 includes inside oven/fridge (SAVINGS $20)

*For move in/out cleanings add $50 includes inside cabinets/closets/drawers

* Pre, During and Post Party Klean-Up please call for pricing





*Organizing $40 an hour - 2hr min





If you would like to customize your service to meet your specific needs or looking to get more information on our AIRBNB or VACATION HOME cleaning and maintenance service then we will be more than happy to fulfill your request. Don't be shy, just give us a call, SMS text or email and we will give you a free quote and explain all the details. It's that EASY!


For a flat rate, here are a few examples of what you get.





Cobweb Removal

Ceiling Fans (normal height)

Window Ledges

Make beds and Change Linens (when left on top of bed)

Dust Furniture & Decorations, Clean Glass Table Tops

Empty Trash in all bedrooms and living areas

Vacuum all carpet, small rugs and stairs  

Sweep Hard Wood Floors and Mop (Murphy Oil Soap) 

Baseboard detail cleaning

Dust & Wipe Doors





Cobweb Removal

Ceiling Fans (normal height)

Window Ledges

Outside Kitchen Cabinets

 Stove Top and Oven (outside)

Microwave (In & out)

Wipe Countertops (We Use Special Product For Granite)

Wipe Electric Appliances on counter

Scrub and Clean sinks

Polish all Stainless Steel Surfaces

Dust/Wipe doors

Empty Trash Can

Sweep and Hand Wash Floors






(Flat rates above include one bathroom. Each additional bathroom is an extra $20)


Cobweb Removal

Ceiling Fans (normal height)

Window Ledges

Wipe Bathroom Cabinets and Furniture

Scrub and Clean Sinks

Wipe Countertops (special product for marble and stone YES BABY!)

Wipe Mirrors and Shine Chrome (we wanna see that pretty face)

Scrub and Clean Toilets

Scrub and Clean Tub

Scrub and Clean Showers

Empty Trash

Bathroom Floors (Hand Wash)

Baseboard Detail Cleaning

Dust/Wipe Doors





Out Door Space + Please Call

Windows Interior + $35

Blinds/Window treatments + $20

Oven Cleaning + $25

Inside Fridge + $30

Washing Dishes +$20

Inside Kitchen Cabinets

(includes taking things out of cabinets dust and wipe and put back) + $40

On top Kitchen Cabinets + 35

Floor Buffing & Waxing + 60hr

Full Bathroom + $30

Half Bathroom + $15

Organizing $40 an hour

Vacuum Cart Fee $25.00

Steam Mopping $30.00



Services Not Offered 

So very sorry, there are a few things that we just cant offer as part of our regular service.


* Dusting and cleaning ornate light fixtures and chandlers. We aren’t taking our chances with grandma’s old chandelier.

* Wet wiping light bulbs

*Washing(extra charge) & Putting away dishes


48 Marcy Ave Unit 1

Brooklyn, NY  11211




Our office is open 6 days a week:

Monday - Friday 8am - 7pm

Saturday - 10am - 3pm

Sunday - CLOSED

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